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Author Interview - Thandiwe Mpofu

Thandiwe (who prefers to be called Thandie for short, for obvious reasons) is a bestselling author of Contemporary Romance and New Adult novels that she specifically designs to gut you right from the first page. She enjoys making her readers sweat a little, but loves it when she makes them laugh above all else.

Her Latest Book "Devious Kisses" was released on 31st July 2020

Interview Q/A

Hi Thandie !! Let us start by giving us a glimpse about your real life , including one fun fact about you , please.

A) Hey Ria! Thank you for having me. Hmm, my real life is pretty much what you see. I'm a student and I write, LOL. A fun fact about me? Before I start writing a book/story, I do a whole mini Beyonce concert. Like a whole Beychella set to get my blood flowing, it's the best high really and to feel like I'm empowered and can do anything, achieve anything while also having so much fun in my pajamas. Beyonce does that for me

When did you first decide to become an Author? Did you have any other profession in your mind as a child?

A) It wasn't a conscious decision for me. I just wrote and wrote and one day decided to publish. I had absolutely no clue what I was doing (still don't). Lol, I'm still super young, dude. I wanted to be a hundred things, a doctor, a pilot, an engineer etc etc. Now I'm studying to be a lawyer and I still write non-stop. Bet you didn't see that coming.

Do people in your real life know you’re an author ? If yes , do they read your books?

A) Some do BUT I seriously hope they haven't read any of them. That would make for some serious awkwardness, HA!

Do you ever put yourself or other people you meet in your characters?

A) Honestly, every character I write always has a bit of me, which bits though? I won't tell. But, I don't base my characters on someone I know, simply because each of them has to be completely new, real and authentic for me or else I wouldn't be inspired to know them. I prefer my characters to be unpredictable. In real life, people are very predictable and dare I say VERY BORING! I mean, illegal street racing/ underground fighting without consequences? That's quality fictional stuff.

I know you love all your characters equally , but is there any specific character who is really close to your heart?

A) Hmm, gun to my head, Emmett Easton. He's my strong, driven, amazingly kind and sexy as hell man who is surprisingly so damn possessive over a certain someone. I love him deep and I can't wait to share his story soon.

I remember the first time I read your ‘Westbrook Blues’ series, and how crazy I went over those amazing characters! I would really love to know what gave you the idea to start that series?

A) Astraea came to me through short, vivid dreams for months before I wrote her story. Each dream was different but I knew they were all connected and left me desperate for more. She came with a vengeance, a kind of pull that I couldn't ignore and well, you know where Star is, her Blue Boys are right behind, each with a world of addictive stories that I had to know more.

Most of your books are either High school based or sometimes Adult. Have you ever thought of writing some new genre? MM perhaps?

A) Oh yeah! I have secrets for other genres! Big secrets!

Do you have a strict writing schedule or do you write whenever the inspiration strikes?

A) When I'm deep in the writing cave, I make it a point to stick to my schedule. Without consistency, you'll never finish and ease has no place with my kind of stories. They're too raw not to give them all my care and attention.

You’ve been in the Industry for a few years. At what point did you feel that you’ve made it?

A) Ha, I've only been publishing for a year and a few months now and like I said, I still don't know what I'm doing. I'm actively learning, improving, doing my best to give my best. Growth is an everyday thing.

Which of your books was the hardest to write?

A) Hands down, Broken Hate. The last part of Star & Ace's story demanded parts I was nervous to reach or expose due to the subject matters discussed in the book.

If you could recommend your favourite dark romance book , which one would it be?

A) It can't be one, sorry Twist Me series by Anna Zaires and The Consequences series by Aleatha Romig.

Which one do you decide first when you start writing a new book , the characters or the storyline?

A) They come together for me. The characters bring their storyline, sometimes it's conflicting but the rush it gives me is indescribable. It's so exciting and scary at the same time.

What do you have in line next?

A) The rest of the Blue Boys are getting their own books. My new series, It's Just High School series, is a whole new exciting world and I can't wait to bring more books from this world. And let's not forget the secrets I mentioned before.

Before wrapping up , let's do a quick random question round:

  • Top item on your Bucket List: Skydiving.

  • Celebrity Crush: Dude, you should know this! I wouldn't mind a Henry Cavill and Trevor Noah sandwich. I mean, why choose just one?

  • Vegetarian or non-Vegetarian? It depends on the day, my mood, the weather🥴🥴🥴

  • Facebook or Instagram? Instagram! Beyonce posts more there!

  • Scariest moment ever? Trying something new.

  • which one of your characters would you bring to life? Noah Montreal from Westbrook Blues. He's such a favorite asshole of my Spitfires, but I want to smack him upside the head.

About the Author

Thandie is a simple millennial who’s just trying to make avocado toast at two am and finish the next novel that she hopes you’ll fall in love with all while she also tries to get that degree in B.S of International Business (Accounting and Econ are softly, quite ruthlessly, beating her at her own conniving by the way, she needs a little prayer. Amen) Thandiwe (who prefers to be called Thandie for short, for obvious reasons) is a bestselling author of Contemporary Romance and New Adult novels that she specifically designs to gut you right from the first page. She enjoys making her readers sweat a little, but loves it when she makes them laugh above all else. But these are all lies! She really spends an insane amount of time on Instagram, stalking Beyonce for the next album release which she swears might drop at anytime. Sorry to that lady.

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