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REVIEW - Break Me

Title - Break Me
Author -Meagan Bhandy
Name of Series - Brayshaw #5
Series Type - Standalone
Genre - Contemporary High School Romance
Release Date - 19th Nov 2020
Overall Rating - ⭐⭐⭐
Heat Rating - 🔥🔥

I had a plan, and it was solid.

Track down what was hidden away and take pleasure in toying with it.

Toying with her.

It worked like a charm.

Until it didn’t.

Turned out, the feisty little thing I found was far from what I hoped for.

She was different from all I knew and more than I expected.

She was light, and I’m the bastard who led her into darkness.

But this girl... she followed with a smile.

I told her I break pretty things.

She asked me to promise.


This is a 125k word standalone novel releasing on November 19th! No other books of mine have to be read in order to read and enjoy this book.

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My Review 💋

"Break Me" is the last book of the "Brayshaw" series by the best selling author Meagan Brandy. Told in dual perspectives , get ready to meet Royce!!

I have been excited for Royce's book for a long long time! His character intrigued me a lot because of his personality switch stuff. One minute he was the charming boy who could bend anyone to his will and the next he was the cold man who scared people. I am so disappointed to say that I did not like his book at all. I mean leave about liking , I didn't even complete it. The starting of the book is ridiculously slow and I just couldn't connect to the characters.

I am someone who never DNFs a book but I am so regretful to say that I DNFed this one. I tried my level best to get into it but just couldn't do it. The first 30% of the book was nothing but Royce going to Brielle's school and then troubling her. Then at about 60% the book became somewhat interesting.

According to me , the book was very boring and I can't really give an honest opinion about the story since I didn't reach the end myself. There are a lot of people who loved this one so I am even more confused about why I found it so bad , but then… can't do anything about it. This is my honest opinion. If you are a fan of this author then maybe you should try this book since people did love it a lot and the rest is your opinion!!

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