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REVIEW - Reign Of A King

Title - Reign Of A King
Author - Rina Kent
Name of Series - Kingdom Duet #1
Series Type - Duet
Genre - Dark Romance
Release Date - 29th Oct 2020
Overall Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Heat Rating - 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Nothing is fair in war.

Jonathan King is every bit his last name.




He’s also my dead sister’s husband and way older than me.

When I first met him as a clueless child, I thought he was a god.

Now, I have to confront that god to protect my business from his ruthless grip.

Little did I know that declaring a war on the king will cost me everything.

When Jonathan covets something, he doesn’t only win, he conquers.

Now, he has his sights on me.

He wants to consume not only my body, but also my heart and my soul.

I fight, but there’s no escaping the king in his kingdom...

Reign of a King is the first part of a duet and is not standalone.

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My Review 💋

I’m trapped by his sheer presence and held prisoner by the darkened depths of his grey eyes. It’s like being caught in the eye of a hurricane and all I can do is fall. Drown. Down… Eventually disappear."

Alright , not to set fire on anybody's… body parts, but Jonathan King is officially the Kinkiest character that Rina Kent has ever written!! Everyone has a lot of expectations from Daddy King , and yeah he is gonna fulfill them and then give you more on top of it!! Flawlessly written, this book easily has the potential to become one of my top reads of this year!

There is nothing more intriguing for me to read the story of a character who was the villain in another story. The same goes for Jonathan king. He was the villain in Aiden's story , so my anticipation of him being brought down to his knees by his match was like so much! This is another one of Rina's Masterpieces , she has written a story so amazing and suspenseful that I was at the edge of my seat the whole time and couldn't wait to read what happens next. Rina is gonna fuck your mind through this book and is gonna make sure that you like every part of it!

Black or white. There’s no grey in his dictionary."

We all know how possessive and controlling Aiden was. Believe me , that is nothing in front of how Jonathan king is. After there is a reason he is the Dad!😂 That man is Sin incarnated and by the time you will be acquainted with his fantasies , your mind will be a mess just like mine was. Just a warning , since you know how nice I am?.

The story picks off from where the prologue ended. Jonathan is confused by the sudden appearance of his dead sister's wife and there is nothing he hates more than surprises , unless he is the one doling them out. Only this time she is not gonna run away. He is gonna trap her until she feels no one but him. She might be another casualty in the war between him and Ethan , but that's how things are. She won't be the first woman who came Between them. What he didn't anticipate was for his pawn to turn against him. Jonathan king is used to being in control and for the first time he feels he feels as though he is not and he doesn't know what to make of it. And it's all because of the spitfire who is slowly making her way into his heart.

Aurora is fine by being a hidden person. She needs Ethan's help for her company. What she didn't anticipate was meeting again with the silver eyed devil. Jonathan king is the true king. The one who eradicates anyone who comes in his path. There is no way he still remembers her. No way he will pay attention. But he does. He does more than pay attention. Now she is trapped with the devil in his house and she is not going anywhere. Not until she does everything he says. What she didn't expect was to enjoy every second of it.

Now don't even ask me about that ending! I mean , I was so engrossed in reading that I never realised when it really ended!! I knew That Rina had killer Cliffhangers , but woman , some mercy next time?? I just about stopped my kindle from hitting the wall and screaming in frustration!!!😭😭

I need the second book like yesterday! I already have so many theories about this one and can't wait to see what Rina has in store for us! A definite recommendation to all the dark Romance lovers out there , if you are into kinky reads and age gap then do not miss this one at any cost. Jonathan king won't make you regret it😉.

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