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Hi There! Welcome to ABSTRACT ♥ BOOKS!


You can follow me on the following social platforms. Don't hesitate to message me if you ever want to chat about a book or any other way I can help you out! I am most active on my Instagram and Facebook . 

I started this blog on 20th April 2020. Even though I have been reading book for nearly 4-5 years , blogging had never been on my agenda. Simply because I didn't know what it was. The moment I got to know about this amazing way to read so many books , I jumped straight into it! In just half a year , I have had the pleasure of meeting so many readers and amazing authors who share my love of reading.


My Ideal books would be a book that has so much Pain in it that it makes you feel every emotion. Books with Intense emotions are the best! However , I absolutely Hate Sad endings and I stay away from those books. The same goes for Cliffhangers. I rarely read cliffhangers , and the only books I actively engage in are the one that already have their sequel out , or it is about to be released soon. Happy endings make me very satisfied , because I know that no matter how dark the book gets , somehow there will be an HEA. It gives me a sense of security.


I am all against spoilers , and never like knowing what happens in books before hand. Going blind into books , seems to be my specialty! Books that have the best Plot Twists are at the top for me always 😌

❥ You can reach me using the Contact Me Page Form .

I am so grateful for Rachel , for taking this Interview of Me and printing it on her BLOG! I am attaching the same review below for you guys to read if you want to!

Hi Abstract Books!! I'm so glad to have you here. First, Can you tell us about yourself and your blog?

(to those who don't know)

Hii! I am so glad to be here with you guys and thanks for having me! I started My blog "Abstract Books" in April 2020. I knew about blogging but never had a lot of time to give in it but then Covid happened and the Lockdown finally gave me the push I needed to start my own blog. Honestly speaking, At first, I didn't even know that you could just start a blog through FB or Instagram too. I thought that a website was a must for blogging so I started mine. I only Read Romance books (of almost all genres) and if you love that, then make sure you have a look at my website!

I was inspired by your blog and started mine. haha!! So, What inspired you to start your blog?

Haha lol, thanks! I am happy that I gave you the push to start your blog. As for me, It was a book lmao. Patience has never been my strength and I was going crazy waiting for this book and then I found out that there were people who got this "ARC copy" even before us readers to read. And that was the final straw. So yeah, I opened a whole freaking website because I wanted to read books before everyone else and hated waiting🤣🤣


It's been a year since you started your blog. Congratulations!!! So, As a student, you definitely have project works or other assignments. How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?

Thanks! I never stopped posting on my website but the main platform which saw the brunt of me cutting down the posts was my Bookstagram. I rarely posted there in the between but then slowly I learned to manage time. I have a fixed time for posting time and a fixed time for reading and that's the way it should be because this blogging is like a black hole. You'll get sucked in and before you know, you will forget everything else in your life and Blogging will be the only thing you can concentrate on, which is not right for your studies and stuff.


What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?

No, Nothing from my reader friends or groups. The only challenge I have maintained is regularly posting on all my platforms. If I concentrated posting on Instagram/FB then my Website would be lacking. If I concentrated on my Website, then the other two would go down. It's a constant race lol and I am still learning.


How much time do you spend blogging? and Does anyone in your family and friend circle know that you are a blogger(that it's about romance books)? if yes, how did they take it?

I mostly spend 2 hours for posting and 3 hours for reading per day. Although this is the rough estimate because it keeps on changing depending if it's a holiday or do I have an exam or something or not. My family recently came to know about my Blogging when a parcel of a giveaway that I won came to my house.


When and How did you got introduced to this romance book world and first romance book you've read?

I started reading romance books because of Chetan Bhagat (I know.. Shocker). But his books are the first Proper romance books that I have read. Then I stumbled upon this fantasy romance trilogy (I don't remember the name) in my school Library when I was 15 years old and my obsession began from that day. Initially, I only read fantasy romance and nothing of the dark romance or even plain romance. My first Fantasy Romance Read that I can remember was Lux Series by JL Armentrout! 


5 years from now, do you still see yourself as a blogger?

I hope so! I'll have a job and stuff which is why it is a tough chance that I will read and review as much as I do right now but I definitely won't completely shut down my blog and will try to maintain it even though I'll be reviewing a lot less in that days.


Most of us are wondering how quickly you read books(ARC) and submit reviews?

Hahaha, a lot of people have asked me this and I don't have an answer except that I am a fast reader! I have been reading since 6-7 years and I have read some really big books (those huge fantasy books) and I guess I just gained speed lol.


How many hours you read a book? 

I think it depends on the book length babe. Mostly for the medium length books (200-300 pages) I can read that in 2-3 hours 💗 I read mostly 3-4 hours a day. Sometimes more when I am free💕  sometimes I take breaks when I have read too much Lmao and nothing is holding my interest 🤣💕


Now, about your personal life :


Favorite book?

It's Fear Me by BB Reid. That book just hooked me so bad on Dark Romance Bully Books and Kieran is my Man! I can never tire of rereading that book and I have been searching for a book that matches the level of darkness of that book and it's so tough.


Favorite book boyfriend? (devil emoji)

Haha, you evil woman. It's so tough to choose one. I can give you a list though. But at the risk of offending all my men, I am gonna go with Aiden in Royal Elite Series by Rina Kent!


Favorite genre?

Second Chance Dark High School Bully Romance! (The type where the H has been bullying the h from her childhood and now they are grown up and she is trying to fight back with him or something and things turn steamy! I love this genre so much and can never have enough of it!)


What type of books you don't like? why?

I can read almost anything but there are 2-3 things that automatically turn me off from a book :

  1. Sad Ending - As soon as I get a whiff of the fact that the book I am reading is a Sad ending, I stop Reading. I am a very emotional person and it takes me weeks to get over these sad endings lol. I love me some angst but I need the characters to be alive! Sad Endings Drain me.

  2. Too much Violence - I am all for Dark romance books but if there is too much Violence by the Hero (or even the h) on the other protagonist, it just disgusts me. I mean I might forgive them but it's tough for me to see reason in their "Love" after they hurt the other person so much.

  3. Doormat h - Yeah lol, this one. I get it that in some books the h takes time to fight back and I am okay with that but there are books where she just doesn't do anything, doesn't even try to! That's not okay for me and I stop reading before I go inside the book and end up killing her myself lmao🤣🤣


Favorite author?

Rina Kent, Caroline Peckham (hehe sorry, I really tried to give you just one but couldn't🤣🤣)

(Rina Kent website 

Caroline Peckham website)


Which book are you desperately waiting for this year?

I am totally losing my Wits over these titles and I swear I am ready to trade my firstborn to get an ARC of them : 1. CONSUMED BY DECEPTION - Rina Kent 2. ZODIAC ACADEMY 7 - Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti 3. DEATH - Laura Thalassa 4. BLOOD AND ASH #4 - JL Armentrout 5. HELLBENT series - Penelope Douglas These are the only ones I can think of lol and I am sure I am missing a lot of titles because this year is full of so many amazing books!

Do you have a boyfriend? if yes, how did he take your obsession for books?

Yes, I do have a boyfriend from the past 3 years and he is totally aware of my bookish obsession! I made him read a few scenes from my books and He was shocked and got to know the type of stuff that goes in my head 🤣🤣 I think he is both happy and worried to have such a dark romance loving girlfriend🤣🤣


If you find someone who is like your favorite book boyfriend, what will you do?

Probably Kidnap him and keep him in my basement... . . Kidding.. basement is too far away , I am gonna keep him chained on my bed😌😌


Do you read anything other than romance books? if yes, your favorite book?

I used to read murder mysteries till a few years ago (like 1-2 years) ago. My favorite would be anything by Dan Brown! I love that author so much! I can still read his books but I never got the time with so many romance books waiting for me🤣🤣


Last but not least, Tell us about your online friends!!

This is definitely the best part of blogging! I was a very less social person. I was in a lot of reader groups but I never talked to anyone before my Blogging phase! after I started my blog, I made a lot of Bookish friends and it was such a relief to finally be able to discuss the type of books with someone who get that! I have friends in real life but they only read those motivational books and I can only imagine their horror if I give them a dark romance book of mine 🤣🤣. With my bookish friends, we regularly discuss books and stuff and it helps a lot because I can finally rant about my fav books, scenes, and authors too!


I love your blog, thank you for all reviews, graphics, and time you spend. Hope you continue it.  Thanks for agreeing to this!!💗️

Thanks, girl! 🥺💗 Thanks for having me 💗
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