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Hey , There!

First Of all I would Like to thank you for choosing me to review your book! 

That being said , I am so sorry to say that I have a very very limited capacity of Outside Source Reviewing's. I sign up for a lot of ARCs and am on a lot of ARC / Street Teams so my schedule is always full like crazy. There is very less chance that I might accept your Book Review request and for that I am so sorry in advance. You are of course fully welcome to try and send it to me ! I will definitely  try to help you out with the Promotions of your book if I can't do the review. Thank you once again!

♥ Disclosure ♥ :

I never Take any sort of payment from authors in exchange of promoting or reviewing their books. I do this because I love reading and taking money in exchange of reviews , pretty much destroys the motive of recommending a book to people. All The books that are here on my blog are there because I chose to put them. No money was given to me for that , nor have I done it as a favor to someone. I am open to receiving ARC and Books from authors to review , but please make sure that that you read my POLICY before approaching me with your book. I can't say that any book that I read will definitely have a review , or even a place on my Blog. All the books here are so ,because I really love them and would like everyone to read them . They are not on my blog because someone asked me to put them there. 

If you would like to get in touch with me , then please use the contact from on this PAGE.


There are a few points that you need to Keep in mind before approaching me with your book. They are as follows :

  • Currently I only Review on two platforms - Goodreads and Bookbub. I do not Review books on AMAZON. If you want we can add some other Platform like Google Books , Kobo and B&N too.

  • If I accept your Review Request then you need to give me at least 2 Weeks to read and review and nothing less than that.

  • There is no guarantee that the book I review will have a place on my Blog or even on my Bookstagram. It's completely up to me if I decide to put it here or not. I don't accept requests for specific book reviews to be uploaded on my website.

My Rules :

I have a set of Rules for your book , and if and only if your book passes the following checks then send me the Review Request. 

  • Your Book is not a Sad Ending. I am so sorry , But I don't read those.

  • If It's a cliffhanger , then Provide me the Date or the Tentative Month for the release of your next book of that series. 

  • Triggers that I avoid are - Long Term Cheating by the Protagonists and Domestic Violence by the Protagonists. 

  • I only Read books of the following Genres and nothing other than that :

    • Romance Books (Dark and Contemporary)​

    • Fantasy /Paranormal Romance Books (Rare)

    • Historical Romance books (Very Rare though)

How to Contact Me?

There are 2 ways to get in touch with me. You can either email me all the info mentioned above on the email address , or you can fill the form given below :

Review Request Form

Thanks for submitting! if I have an avalaibility to review your book then I'll definitely get back to you!


I accept promotional Requests from authors as well. I have a set of Rules for that as well. Please read them below and if and only if you agree to follow them , fill the form posted after the Rules.

  • I Only Promote books on Facebook (through my Facebook Page) , Twitter and Instagram Stories (not posts)

  • You have to send me the graphics , Cover of the book and other Images as well. I will post whatever you provide me with. 

  • Send me all the information about your Books as well (Blurbs , Release Date , Quotes (if any) and info about the author as well with your social media links)

  • Send me the Caption too (if you have any specific in mind) , Otherwise I can make one myself with all the book details you provide me with.

  • I also make Graphics for Instagram for your book. If you are willing to provide me a paperback of your book , then I can make them for you. For some examples of my graphics , make sure to visit my instagram account by Clicking HERE.

How to Contact Me?

There are 2 ways to get in touch with me. You can either email me all the info mentioned above on the email address , or you can fill the form given below :

Promotional Request Form
Choose your Social Media Sites For Promotion
Intrested in the Bookstagram Promotion?

Thanks for submitting! if I have an availability to promote your book then I'll definitely get back to you!


I do Beta Read for 3-4 authors but found that I don't Beta reading as much as Just Plain reviewing books. Therefore I don't accept Requests for Beta Reads. If I voluntarily fill any form for your Beta read team or anything like that , then only I will Beta Read for you.

There are  3-4 Authors of mine for whom I absolutely Love Beta Reading for and therefore have voluntari;y signed up for it! They are as follows :

Tracy Lorraine , H.D. Carlton and Clarissa Wild.


I love to meet new authors and get to know them! if you want me to schedule an Interview with you then please email me . If I have an availability for scheduling an author Interview then I'll contact you back. I don't take Podcasts , Interviews with me will be like , I'll email you a set of questions and then you can email me back all the answers for them. Then I'll further post that interview on my Website for all my followers to see and get to know about you. 

You can see all my Past Author Interviews here.


I only join ARC teams of authors for whom I willingly signed up for it. I don't accept offers for authors asking me on their ARC or Street Teams. I have to at least a couple of books of yours before deciding to join your team. I am on plenty of teams already and they are listed below :

ARC Teams :

Rina Kent , J.L. Beck & C. Hallman , Darcy Rose , Monica James , J. Bree , A. Zavarelli , Saffron A. Kent , Veronica Eden , Zoe Blake , Rachel Jonas , Pepper Winters , Michelle Heard , Anna Zaires , Penelope Sky.

Street Teams :

Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti , Cora Reilly , Tracy Lorraine , K.A. Knight , Ivy Fox .


I work with a lot of PR Companies and am also on a Couple of Master Lists. I don't accept requests from PR Companies asking me to be on their Master Lists. I can however accept particular promotional requests . For that please email me all the info at .

Some of the PR Companies with whom I work right now are as follows - 

Candi Kane PR , Social Butterfly PR , Wildfire PR , Valentine PR , The Next Step PR , Enticing Journey PR , Grey's PR  and Give Me Books PR.
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