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Hi There!! So this time I am hosting a ROMANCE BOOKS READING CHALLENGE ! You're not familiar to that term?? Don't worry , I'll explain everything to you! The Rules for the following challenge are :

  • You have to read ONE OR MORE books of the Chosen Genre for the current month. You can download my PRINTABLE LIST BOOKMARK (at the end of this page) to keep track of the monthly Genres that you have already read!

  • When you are done with your book , make sure to tell me! If you are posting on any social media , be sure to tag me in it! 

That's it!! It is to necessary for you to participate in every month genre , you are free to choose the genres you want! I basically want people to try a lot of new Romance books genres , using this challenge! All the very best!! 



Themes for this year's READING CHALLENGE!


I have themes for each month respectively. If you are not comfortable in reading a particular theme , then feel free to change it according to your liking , although I do encourage you guys to try new genres, but then again , it's your choice! 


The monthly Reading themes are as follows:


January 2021 - Mafia Romance 

February 2021 - Bully Romance 

March 2021 - Contemporary Romance 

April 2021 - Fantasy Romance 

May 2021 - Teacher / Student Romance

June 2021 - M/M Romance 

July 2021 - Enemies to lovers Romance

August 2021 -  Reverse Harem Romance

September 2021 - Rockstar Romance

October 2021 - Biker Romance

November 2021 - Fake Relationship Romance

December 2021 - Second Chance Romance


Sounds Like something you'll enjoy? Then please JOIN ME! If you have any trouble finding books of your choice for the above genres , then please don't hesitate to CONTACT ME!





Below are the monthly Reading Challenge templates with my TOP AUTHORS of the genre of that month! You guys can use this to get new recommendations !

All Readers are welcome to join my Reading challenge and I'll be there to cheer you guys as you try new genres! Please don't hesitate to contact me if you start the challenge! 


Pin the following Image to your Pinterest to keep track of this link or bookmark this ! 

Romance Books Reading Challenge.png

Printable Reading Challenge BOOKMARK!!


Make sure you download the bookmark below to keep track of your reading challenge and the various genres being provided!

January - MAFIA rom..png
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