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Okkk... So.. Hi!! *taps mic nervously* , I am always throwing book recommendations at people (even the ones who don't want it) So I thought I might as well start distributing Book Lists. Crazy Idea, Isn't it? 


Well the basic meaning of this is that , You Guys will tell me the topic or the genre for which you want your book list for , and I'll try my damn best to get it to you! 


There are a few Rules that you need to read before trying this out with me :


  • Please Make sure that you only Request Book Lists of the "Romance Books" genre since I don't read anything other than that. (I read Fantasy Romance too , Both YA and Dark )

  • If you have a look at my previous Book Lists (HERE) then you will know that my favorite genre is "Dark Romance" , so Don't hesitate to send any type of book genre to me , don't think that "nahhh , this is too dark , there is no way she must have read this" , I can assure you that I have read that and so much more... 

  • Now the Most Important Rule. There is no guarantee if you fill this form below , then you will get your book list to you. There are cases where I might have not read any book of that type and I am so sorry in advance for that!!

  • You need to give me a maximum of 1 week to get the book list to you. There are chances that you might get your book list in just a few hours but sometimes I am busy and that is the only reason I am keeping this Time Frame Limit Rule.

  • About the Book List Length , there are chances that your Book list might have just 1-2 entries , or it might have freaking 50 books , so please don't expect many books from me if you are being very precise about your book genre. There are cases where I might not even find a single book , so there's that too. 

  • Also , There will obviously be cases where A certain book will fit in the Category of the genre for me and not for you. There will be cases where you might feel that this certain book is not suitable for that list and I apologize in advance for that. Romance Genre has a lot of sub genres and It is possible for me to mix stuff up so please forgive me if I give you a wrong book for your book list!

  • I have a lot of book lists on my blog so please make sure you go through those before asking me for a same Book list! 

  • Try to be as precise as you can when asking for your book list!

  • This is something I am doing to help my Reader friends out and there are no charges for this. It's completely free.


Now after reading these Rules above , If you still want me to send the book list to you , then please Fill out this form below!

Request Your Book List
Did you read the Rules stated above and do you agree to them?

Thanks! I'll get back to you soon Via the email address you provided above!
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