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Romance Industry can be intimidating at time. Those slangs and abbreviations can confuse anyone and it's important to know about them because book lovers often use them . At least I do lmao because you can find tons of them on my Blog Itself. It is worth it to know the difference between a MM or MFM read. Also what does DNF and DIK mean? This will be the perfect page to know about them and to not be confused in the future ! 

I till try to list all the terms I know about and if you find any new then feel free to send them to me using this page - CONTACT ME.

Note - These definitions have been put together after research. Even I didn't know some of them so there is a chance that some of them below might be incorrect or misleading. Apologies for that in advance.

Alpha Hero - A hero who is in charge of the situation or is dominant .

Alphaholes - He is both Dominant and an .. well you know he is not very charming lmao.

ARCs - Advance Review Copies (these are books provided by the author prior release to bloggers for reading and reviewing)

Age Gap - Romance with a huge age gap between the main leads 

Book Boyfriend - A fictional male character who is perfect in everyway an actual boyfriend should be

Backlist - Books that have been already published by an author 

BDSM - Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS), Sadism and Masochism (SM)

Beta Character -  A character whose love appeal is not his/her looks. It's their personality and they will win your hearts within a few chapters! 

Beta Reader - These are people who read the book even before the ARC Readers do (see ARC meaning above) . Authors use Beta Readers to mine out any plot mistakes , characters feedbacks and a general idea of how the audience reacts before pushing the book into the actual world.

Big Mis - The big misunderstanding, a dramatic conflict between characters which could have been easily solved if they would just talk to each other.

Binge - It either means to read everything you find in a short amount of time but in terms of lengthy series , it can also mean to read a whole series in one go or after all the books have been released rather than reading one book at a time.

Book Birthday - The Release Anniversary of a book 

Catnip - The trope you always want to read more 

Cinnamon Roll - A hero who is sweet , honest an just melts your heart. They are basically too good for this world and that amkes it even easy to fall for them. 

Clean Romance - A romance that is terms to not include any type of profanity of long described intimate scenes.

Character ARC - The path every character takes towards their growth and change throughout the whole book/series.

DIK - Desert Island Keeper (A book you could possibly read forever and multiple times) 

DNF - Did not Finish (A book you left reading in between) 

Dubcon - Dubious Consent ( In fiction, dubious consent is where one person in some way, forces another to have sex, and though there are signs that they do not want to have sex, to some degree, inside their mind they are both aroused and desiring it.)

Enemies to Lovers - This is a genre of romance where the main leads start of as enemies but eventually their relationship takes a turn and they become something more. 

Erotic Romance - Novels with explicit intimate scenes that cover majority of the book 

F/F - Female -Female lovers . Lesbian Romance 

Friends to Lovers - This is a genre of romance where the main leads start of as friends but eventually their relationship takes a turn and they become something more. 

FMC - Female Main Character (the heroine)

Fated Mates - Plot in which two characters are destined to be together 

Grovel - A book in which one of the main leads messes up and then has to ask for forgiveness in a grand way

Gothic Romance - A genre which is often a blend of mystery and Horror elements. Has dark themes and places.

HEA - Happily ever after (A book with a definite and happy ending)

HFN - Happy For Now ( A book with a temporary happy ending though that might change in the upcoming books of the series)

Heat Level - How much Intimate scenes are present in the book or how passion is there

H / h - Hero / Heroine 

Head - Hopping - Switching the chapter perspective from the pov of the different main leads. One chapter might be from the female pov and then the night few might be from the male pov.

Indie - Authors who act as publishing entrepreneurs, coordinating editors, designers, and marketing independently rather than work for a traditional publisher.

Insta Love - When one or both of the main leads fall for each other without any emotional struggle. Love at first sight types .

Insta Lust - When one of the main leads wants an intimate connection with the other one before an actual emotional connection develops between them. 

Keeper - A book or romantic partner you would like to keep around for always. 

KU - Kindle Unlimited Monthly subscription for book lovers 

Kill a Fairy First - Reading the end of a book to make sure there’s a happy ending.

LBS - Local Book Store

MM - Male Male romance with the two leading characters being male. Gay Romance.

May December Romance - A relationship spanning a large age gap.

MFM - Male/Female/Male .  A threesome relationship where both the males are in a relationship with the female whereas they are not in a relationship with one another (see MMF below)

MMF - Here all three (2 males and one female) are in a relationship with each other and the males are also together .

M/F - Male/Female .

MC - Main Character / Motorcycle club

MMC - Main Male Character

Mary Sue - A goody two shoes character. She is cute and innocent but at times might be boring to read about.

Marriage of Convenience - The main characters agree to get married but in name only (which obviously changes)

Noncon- Non Censentual .

OOP - Out Of Print

OMYW - Older Man , Younger Woman (type of age gap romance)

PB - Paperback

POV - Point of View 

PNR - Paranormal

RTC - Review to Come

RH - Reverse Harem (A romance the female lead has more than one hero i.e. her own harem)

Slowburn - Romance where it takes a long time for things to get steamy and intimate

Spoiler - A hint or context or warning when someone who has already read the book tells you beforehand what is about to happen , thus ruining it for you lmao but someone people love to know beforehand what is going to happen.

Sequel Bait - When things are going fine but suddenly there is a big plot twist and it ends on a cliffhanger , so you have to buy the next book to know what is going to happen next in the story. 

Shipping - When we want a certain pair of characters to end up together in romance , it is said that we "ship" them.

SFR - Science Fiction Romance

Sub-Genre - Mine genres of a huge genre like Romance has many subgenres like Dark romance and contemporary romance

TBR - To be read

Trope - Sub Sub genres of the major genre. Basically tropes are defined on a major portion of the plot being same in a group of books. For example we can define Second chance romance trope for books where the main characters reunite after a long break or mishap. 

Taboo Romance - Romance where the main leads are not supposed to be together according to mindset of people or general society norms. Like excessive age gap , step sibling love etc.

TSTL - "to stupid to live" , a term used for a characters who is prone to making bad decisions

TWSS - "That's what she said" , often used as a reply to an innuendo 

Wall Banger - A book so bad you'll love to throw it against a wall

WIP - Work In Progress

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