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Cover Reveal - The Chrysalis of Aurelia George

The Chrysalis of Aurelia George


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The Chrysalis of Aurelia George is a DARK and contemporary Goldilocks retelling. Trigger warnings should be adhered.


America’s sweetheart has been canceled.

From teen star to international phenom to the biggest celebrity in the world, Aurelia George has suddenly found herself on the other side of adoration. The public thinks they hate her when they never really knew her. The saddest tragedy of all is that she doesn’t know herself.

Done with the fame, glitz, and glam—the whole doe-eyed princess charade—Aurelia decides she’s taking back her life, even if it costs her everything.

But her uncle has other plans.

Shipped far away until the heat dies, Aurelia finds herself in the one place where her name means nothing. When a blizzard causes her plane to crash, she becomes stranded in the wilds of Northern Canada, a sole survivor with no one to turn to.

No one except them.

The misanthropic mountain men who’ve shut themselves away.

It’s their cabin Aurelia finds in the icy wilderness and their obsession she ignites when they discover her sleeping in one of their beds. Thorin, Khalil, and Ezekiel (and all of his personalities) have only longed for one thing in nine long years...a woman to warm their beds.

Surviving a plane crash, wolves, avalanches, frozen lakes, and a harsh winter with three feral men is nothing compared to Aurelia’s hardest trial of all—finding herself.

The Chrysalis of Aurelia George

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