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REVIEW - Black Knight

Title - Black Knight
Author - Rina Kent
Name of Series - Royal Elite #4
Series Type - Standalone
Genre - Dark Bully Romance
Release Date - 21st may 2020
Overall Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Heat Rating - 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Love is impossible. Hate is an open game.


He was once my best friend, now he’s my worst enemy.

Xander Knight is heartbreakingly beautiful.

Ridiculously popular.

Brutally cruel.

He’s a knight but won’t do any saving.


We started as a dream, now we’re a nightmare.

Kimberly Reed is pathetically fake.

Terribly innocent.

Secretly black.

She can hide but never from me.

Black Knight is part of Royal Elite Series, but could be read on its own. For better understanding of the world, you might want to read the previous books first. This is a high school bully romance, mature new adult, and contains visceral mental health situations that some readers can find triggering.

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My Review 💋

TOTAL RATING:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ARC PROVIDED FOR A HONEST REVIEW Rina's done again!! absolutely destroyed me again in just a few chapters, let alone the whole book. I mean my mother caught me crying and is now interrogating me non-stop!! what am i supposed to tell her??🤔🤔😐🤥 I mean the sole reason why I started book blogging and arc reading was because I just had to get my hands on black knight!!! its not a lie, really!!! the only reason I stared was for this book, that's how excited I was !!!! and now after completing the book , the only thought I have is that -- '' XANDER IS MY BABY!!!MINE ONLY🤭🤭💖💖!!"

When I woke up this morning and saw this ARC on my kindle, I had to blink for a few times to make sure I was seeing correct or not! then my only aim was to savor every word of this book, I literally didn't want to miss anything and shouted at anyone who disturbed me!!🤣🤣 . . "He told me I’m beautiful and he hates me for it, and it’s the same for him. He’s so brutally handsome, I curse him for it every day. I curse him every time I see a good-looking man and compare him to Xander. I curse his perfect hair and ocean-deep eyes and charming fucking smile because they never belonged to me." . . From the very chapter I fell in love with Kimberly. She was truly broken and being in her mind was a really agonizing experience for me. I felt everything with her, every pain and every happiness. The way she handled herself was a real inspiration for me. No matter how her journey started, she was indeed a very strong character. The way she sacrificed everything for her brother, and the way she loved those limited people in her life was heart-warming. . . "The boy, the person, who cut me off from his life and left me to fend for myself. The knight I took refuge in, but he offered no shelter. The person I shared my life with, but he erased me as if I were never there." . . "here’s the thing, Kimberly, you can hide from the world and from your fucking self, but you’ll never be able to hide from me." . . Then there was Xander. I had been in love with him since the starting of the royal elite trilogy. But I will admit , even I in the staring of the book wanted to bitch slap him!!! he was such an ass to kimmy!! I was just so greedy for his vulnerable moments, and just nearly broke my finger while highlighting those scenes!! the scenes where i saw the real Xander. . . " The world doesn’t revolve around you.” Because it revolves around you. Nope. No. I didn’t think that. That thought needs to be fucking eradicated. . . “Maybe I should burn.”“Burn?”“Yeah.” His eyes close. “Because you’re worth being burned for.” . . But then when the true reason came out for his behavior , I was literally shocked. I mean I could have never imagined that reason!!! let me warn you all , none of you will expect that twist!! Suddenly every step he took made sense . The ending of the book was so perfect and now I again have this itch to have Cole and Ronan's book. All those small scenes I read in the book which highlighted their future relationships were just amazing and made me yearn for there story even more!!!! its going to be very long months ahead , waiting for both Ronan and Cole!!!😔😔 I truly loved the way Ronan supported Kim and made her feel loved , because she really needed that sort of stability in her life. I loved how he made her feel loved when Xander somehow fucked up . He is truly amazing!! . . “He doesn’t look at me. Full stop.”“Are you blind? You’re the only one he looks at when he thinks no one is watching. He’s perfected it so well, even you don’t notice him.” . . If I had a 10 star rating, I would have given this book 10 stars, because this book truly deserves all the damn stars!!! none of you are ready for Xander and Kim, but beware, they are going to wreck you!!😳😳😆😆

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