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Review - Where's Molly

Where's Molly by HD Carlton

Title - Where's Molly
Author - HD Carlton
Name of Series - Standalone
Series Type - Standalone
Genre - Dark Romance
Release Date - 16th Feb 2023
Overall Rating - 5 / 5
Heat Rating - 4.5 / 5

A spinoff of the Cat & Mouse Duet...

“Molly Devereaux has been missing for more than two weeks, and police are still searching for the girl who seemed to vanish out of thin air. The world still wants to know... Where's Molly?”

In my dreams, I never escaped the Oregon woods.

Life after death isn't easy to accept, especially when I still feel like a ghost.

Now, I live deep in the mountains of Montana—the paradigm of beauty. But they are also the home of horrors.

Horrors that I only unleash at night.

When my pigs are allowed to feast.

It is strongly recommended to read Haunting Adeline and Hunting Adeline before reading Where's Molly.

Important Note: This is a dark romance that contains dark subject matter. Please refer to the author's website for content warnings

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Available in Ebook,Paperback & Hardback

My Review 💋

“Don't be fooled, little ghost , I will own you even after you have disappeared. You may vanish , but your soul will always be mine.”

Star Rating :4.5 / 5 Stars

POV :Dual

Cliffhanger :None

Hero :Cage

Heroine :Molly

Pace of the story :Moderate

Angst Rating :7/10

Heat Rating :6/10

Triggers Involved :* will update after release.

Plot Summary :

Life has not been easy for Molly. Just when she was making ends meet , it became even worse. Now she is the girl who disappeared out of thin air. She is a girl on the run.

After years , she finally has a little bit of peace. With her pigs , her new pets. She is completely alone and that is how she prefers it to be. That is until a ghost from the past comes crashing into her life. She is used to running , used to being alone , but what will she do when he takes that very choice from her?

Overall Opinion :

I just can't thank Hailey enough to send this arc my way. When I got to know that we are getting a spinoff from the cat and mouse duet , I was over the moon. And then she posted that teaser that we might have a Z cameo and it was all it took for me to lose my control and get so excited for this book! I mean by that time , this book did not even have its own blurb but the promise of Zade was enough 🤣👑

Molly's story is another masterpiece by this author. It was riveting, and I seriously started and finished this in one go. I planned to read it for a few days , savor it and all , but omg I could not stop once I started. And now I am sitting here at 2AM at night , writing my review just after finishing this amazing read. This one is a standalone, however it gives spoilers about the storyline for the cat and mouse duet so I suggest that you follow the reading order. If you do that , you will feel a better connection with the characters and then enjoy this read a lot more.

I just can't get enough of any characters by this author. I am eagerly waiting for the next series by her!! We also have one very minor tease from her upcoming characters in this book so make sure to find that too 🌝 Definitely recommending this one to the dark romance loving people out there. As the author also mentioned in all of her books , this one is also filled with triggers so please prioritize reading it accordingly but not at the expense of your mental health.

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