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Review - Brutal Vows

Title - Brutal Vows
Author - JT Geissinger
Name of Series - Queens & Monsters #4
Series Type - Standalone
Genre - Dark Mafia Romance
Release Date - 28th April 2022
Overall Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Heat Rating - 🔥🔥🔥🔥

An Irish mobster with a brutal grudge.

An Italian mafia princess with a dark secret.

Two enemy empires joined in sacred marriage vows.

Let the hating games begin.

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My Review 💋

Star Rating : 4/5 Stars

POV : Dual

Cliffhanger : None

Hero : Spider

Heroine : Reyna

Pace of the story : Moderate

Angst Rating : 5/10

Heat Rating : 5/10

Triggers Involved : Past trauma (abuse)

Plot Summary :

Reyna, who is also known as the Black widow after her stone cold personality, is living her life in peace. Or at least as much peace as she can have after a life with a monster. Her ex husband was a nightmare and after his death, she is finally with her family again. But things are not that easy as it seems. Her little niece is all set to go through the same phase she once did, getting married young to an older man and hell will freeze over before she lets that happen. The last thing she wants is for her to be trapped as she was because one day or another, all men turn into monsters. Or so she thought. All her beliefs about mafia men come crashing when she meets her sister's supposed fiancee.

Spider never had an easy life. His past is a dark hole he is running away from and now after years of therapy, he has a somewhat stable life. That is until his boss needs him to marry to secure a deal. His fiance is not the problem. She is sweet, and everything a man can want in his wife. The problem is her stone cold aunt. The famous widow, the woman who instills fear in the mind of men who come across her. The one who sets him on fire. This is a disaster in the making. Wanting Reyna will be his end because the woman will never marry again and he will be stuck forever, married to someone else and dreaming about someone else.

Overall Opinion :

Spider finally has his own book! I have been waiting for this for so long. I liked the chemistry between the characters and loved the storyline as well. There are no major plot twists and the past characters' cameos all made me so happy and ecstatic.

The best thing in this book was definitely Reyna. I mean the woman was so freaking amazing and her personality gave all boss girl vibes. Her past was a disaster so it made me happy seeing her all grown up and mature. The storyline was good. Spider was great! The humor in all the books of this whole series is definitely amazing just like with this author. She never fails to stun me in the humor and stean field.

Definitely recommending this one to all the romance loving people who also love this series and are general fans of tropes like arranged marriage, taboo romance, mafia, humor, dark romance and so much more!

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