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REVIEW - Hear No Evil

Title - Hear No Evil
Author - Ivy Fox
Name of Series - The Society #2
Series Type - Series of Standalones
Genre - Dark Romance
Release Date - 30th Sept 2021
Overall Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Heat Rating - 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Evil cannot take hold of an unconsenting soul.

Do not be amazed that hell is empty, since all the devils live here.

One by one, they will meet their hellish fate.

One down…

Three to go.


A tyrannous society has discovered our most atrocious secret and decided to wage war on us.

They’ve had their fun with Finn, and now it’s my turn to be their little puppet.

Someone should have warned them that I don’t play well with others.

If they think I’m going to bend over and let them screw with my life sans lube, they are sorely mistaken.

I’m no man’s pawn.

At least that’s what I told myself right up to the day I received a little black envelope that mercilessly sealed my fate—they’ve gone after the one person I would sacrifice anything for.

My friends.


Even her.


They call him the dark prince of Asheville, a silvered eyed rebel without just cause for his defiance.

But to me, Easton Price is so much more than the mischievous persona he openly flaunts.

He’s the beautiful nightmare I desperately try to resist with clenched teeth and scarred heart.

As the pastor’s niece, I’m considered the epitome of good, while he’s the embodiment of sin.

There’s just one thing wrong with that assumption—I’m not that good.

And Easton is going out of his way to prove it.

*The Society is an Enemies to Lovers, New Adult College Romance.

*Each book may be read as a standalone. However, all four books in this series have an entwined subplot, which will only be resolved in the final book. Therefore it is highly recommended that this series be read in its entirety for full enjoyment.

*Recommended 18+ due to mature language and situations.

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My Review 💋

Scarlett is my forbidden fruit. And I’m the sin she can’t commit. I’d spoil her before I even sunk my teeth into her freckled flesh.”


I need a serious breather after this book! My heart is pounding so hard and I just can't get my mind off those amazing characters! This series is officially my new addiction and I can't wait for more of this series!!

Easton has always been my favourite. Well it is Colt , but Easton also comes near , lol 😂. From the moment I got a glimpse of his tory in the first book of this series , I was all over this book! And what a marvelous tale it was. The author couldn't have found a better match for Easton and Scar is the perfect person to handle his personality!

Did I get us into this mess, or did you, Scar? Who can I blame when all of this is over? Me, for breaking your heart, or you, for breaking mine?”

The SOCIETY is now getting restless. After their failed attempt to destroy Finn, their new target is Easton. They know his strengths and his weaknesses. Which is why they chose Scarlett as his victim. Easton has always been the Player in their group. The one who appears charming but is the deadliest. The only weakness he has is a petite nerd with glasses. He has always watched her from far , never going too near her. But then one day she gives him a lip and he can't help but tease his little mouse. From that day she became his target. That is until the society forces him to up his game. Now he has to destroy the only girl who caught his eye. And a part of him might even enjoy it.

Misery loves company, and I yearned for hers.”

Scarlett has always known how to blend into the shadows. She is the girl whom you will never notice at first and by the time you do , she is already gone. So she was shocked when she caught Easton's eye. She might have given him lip , but his ruthless reply seemed to unnerve her a lot. He scares her , but a part of her yearns for his attention. She knows he has an ulterior motive for pursuing her , but a part of her doesn't care. She might be willing to be burned by the dark prince.

Always with the lies. Good girls like you should know better than to lie to the devil. Bad things happen to those who forget.”

The first book of this series was ok-ish for me. But this one really caught my eye. I absolutely loved it and would like to personally curse the author for giving me a glimpse of the next book. Colt is my absolute favorite and intrigued me to no end. His story is going to be my top read and I really can't wait!!! This series is my must one click recommendation to all the High school bully Romance lovers! The suspense element of this series is off the chart hot and you will enjoy every freaking word!!

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