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REVIEW - Here Lies A Saint

Title - Here Lies a Saint
Author - C.L. Matthews
Name of Series - Here Lies #2
Series Type - Series
Genre - Dark RH Bully Romance
Release Date - 8th Dec 2020
Overall Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Heat Rating - 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Being rich is great until you become the saint of Arcadia.




They call me a saint, but if they knew the lies, the fallacies,

and what truths I hide, I’d be labeled a proclaimed sinner.

I lie, do all the bad deeds, especially if it does right by her.

She’s the darkness but also the light.

He’s my downfall but also my redemption.

Two opposites, but somehow everything I’ve fought for.

Earning her, saving him, it’s all I can think of.

Saint or sinner, I’ll win her.

Death or life, I’ll protect him.

Truth or lie, I’ll save them.

Arcadia isn’t prepared for the war its wrought.

Good thing I’m a fighter.

No one said I’d bow down to an unworthy king.

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My Review 💋

When the first book of this series was released , I was so reluctant to read it! Not because it would be bad or anything , but because I was so scared of the Cliffhanger! And then I heard about the Praises this book got and I was like F it , I'll read this!! Cliffhanger be damned🤣🤣.

The first book was pretty epic but the second one… let me just warn you that you are about to board on the most crazy ride of your life! Almost throughout 80% of this book my mouth was agape and I was trying to make sense of what just happened. This book has like infinite surprises or maybe I should call them verbal punches since that is what they felt like and trust me they did hurt my brain a lot. So many twists and turns that this author managed to keep me hooked right till the very end and I didn't even realise when I reached the freaking end!!!!! I was turning pages like a dumb person only to find that there weren't anymore left. My kindle just about got saved from being thrown and cracking by the wall.

There were just so many characters in this book! I just have to say that I have read a lot of book and none of them had a harem as huge as this one lmao🤣🤣. All the men were perfect! Lux was my absolute favourite but the twins are the ones who hold my heart in their cold fists. The book even had lots of MM. But these steamy scenes aside , what I would really like to appreciate was the storyline of this series. The author successfully manages to give you brumbs of information and all the while keeping you in suspense!! I have read two book out of five of this whole series and I still have no clue how this story is gonna unfold. That is the best part of the mystery. And the author has done the perfect job of writing that!

This book was a turning point for me in this series. We met new characters who became allies and a lot of past ones became the enemies. The people are the most close to you can be the biggest snake of them all and that is the biggest lesson this book teaches you. Almost like 90% of my previous questions are unanswered , not to mention the tons of new questions I have. I am so excited and would give away anything to get my hands on this book!!! The ending was perfect and a true punch to the gut because yeah , it was another huge Cliffhanger!!! I can tell from just two books that this whole series is going to be phenomenal!

A definite recommendation to all the dark Romance lovers out there who love High school bully Romance books which have themes like Reverse Harem , secret societies and second chances!

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