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Review - Ignite

Title - Ignite
Author - Cassandra Robins
Name of Series - The Disciples #4
Series Type - Standalone
Genre - Dark Biker Romance
Release Date - 18th Nov 2022
Overall Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Heat Rating - 🔥🔥🔥🔥

ANTOINETTE Axel Fontaine has a giant… At least that’s what everyone says. Unfortunately, it’s true. All. Of. It. He’s dangerous, scary, and addictive. Without a doubt, the last person I should fall for is the VP of the Disciples MC. I’m out of my league. He’s a six-foot-four, blue-eyed biker god. I’m an ex-ballerina turned stripper who should run away. But how do you escape the one man who ignites your body and consumes your very soul? Axel doesn’t do relationships. But I’m betting on ME to change his mind. AXEL I don’t do relationships. I don’t do drama, and I definitely don’t do love. I’m not Prince Charming. I’m the VP of the Disciples and the club is my family. The last thing I need is a violet-eyed enchantress who smells like candy and has some sort of voodoo chemistry that’s messing with my mind. She needs to go. She’s a distraction…a weakness I can’t have. Men like me fall in lust, not love. So, why is she still here?

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My Review 💋

"Ignite" is the fourth book of "The Disciples" series by the best-selling author Cassandra Robbins. Told in dual perspectives , get ready to finally meet Axel and Antoinette!!

From the moment I read about Axel in the first book of this series , I knew I would love him even more. He was truly the most ruthless and one of the most coldest ones of the Disciples. His story was going to be the perfect read for me and this author sure did not disappoint!! The way the story is framed and The characters , made me love it so much more! The book was everything I wanted and so much more than what I expected!

Axel is the VP of the disciples. One by one he saw his friends becoming immune to women and losing themselves in a single woman. Making fun of their whipped state was something he enjoyed a lot. He never thought something like that would happen to him. That is until he met the new girl who came to audition at his Stripper club. Now it was his turn to be at the receiving end of the joke.

Antoinette had her whole life snatched away in a single night. Now she has no money and is about to be homeless too. Stripping is one of the best occupations to her because she is already trained to be a dancer. What she didn't expect was to get one of the most hottest and jerk of a boss. Axel is everything she wants and everything she should stay away from. He pushes her away only to pull her even more harder.

But things are not that easy for them. With Axel's issues and Antoinette's secrets and her ghosts , it is certain that they need to overcome a lot before giving in to each other. It was really very enjoyable for me to see Axel falling for a woman! He had always been the cold and callous one and now seeing him after a woman was just something so unexpected and enjoyable for me and all the other characters!!! If you are a fan of Biker Romance , then make sure to read this whole series because it is an unforgettable one! All the characters are perfect and I really hope that we get more from this world. A definite recommendation to all the dark Romance lovers out there who would love themes like MC Romance , Second chances and suspense!

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