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REVIEW - Lord of London Town

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Title - Lord of London Town
Author - Tillie Cole
Name of Series - Lord of London Town #1
Series Type - Series of Standalones
Genre - Dark Mafia Romance
Release Date - 13th Oct 2020
Overall Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Heat Rating - 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Cheska Harlow-Wright was born into a life of luxury and privilege. She has never wanted for anything. A comfortable future as a married London socialite ⁣

awaits her. But since the age of thirteen, Cheska has harboured a secret—an unshakeable fixation on a boy who could never offer her anything close to ⁣comfort. A boy steeped in sin and draped in depravity. A boy born into the possessive embrace of darkness. ⁣

When Cheska’s seemingly perfect world is ripped apart by an unknown but deadly enemy, there’s only one person she can run to. One person in the world ⁣who has the power to keep her safe. The one person her weak and shattered heart craves. ⁣

Arthur Adley. The new head of the most feared crime family in London. ⁣

Forced too young to take the helm of the Adley firm, Arthur has become even more ruthless, formidable, and cold than ever before. His enemies are circling, and he must fight—and kill—to maintain his family’s place at the top of the London crime underworld. There is no room for weakness, emotion, or loss of control.⁣

But then Cheska smashes back into his life with the force of a wrecking ball. She has no place in this dark, vicious, and bloodthirsty world. And worse, she is the solitary chink in his impenetrable armour. He’s already pushed her away once, but this time she desperately needs him. She’s broken, lost, and in danger, and he is the only one who can help.⁣

Arthur must protect her. He must destroy those who dare to threaten her, hunt down those who would take what is his. He would raze all of London to the ⁣ground to keep her safe… but can he also protect himself?⁣

The infamous Dark Lord of London Town faces his most brutal battle yet—the crippling weight of the past, the unrelenting enemies lurking in the shadows… and the havoc that Cheska’s presence is wreaking on the granite fortress that was once his heart.⁣

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My Review 💋

Devil. That seemed a good title for Arthur. Most people were terrified of him. He was unapproachable, with eyes that could cut you where you stood. And he had the allure of Satan too. A magnet to sin and temptation, stirring wants and desires inside of me that were anything but chaste and holy. And if the rumor's were true, he had the evilness of the dark lord too."

Well Tillie seriously wasn't kidding when she said that this book was going to be Dark! It had that delicious darkness that had me gulping back shudders and enjoying it too at the same time! That twist … Ughh!! I am dead , god I need someone to revive me!!! I can't recover from that twist!!!! Absolutely mind blowing!

This author has always been my top one click ones and Just like always she comes up with the best Dark Romance novels!! A true queen of MindFuck Romance! Arthur Adley is one hot twisted SOB that I swooned over soo bad!

The book starts with Arthur being 18 and visiting one of his father's colleague at his house. His father goes away to talk with the man , leaving Arthur in a room to stare at the painting. They were family Portraits. The girl in those photos , caught his eye and he couldn't look away. That is until he heard sound from his back and turned to see the same girl behind him. She was like an angel , so innocent and pure and he was the epitome of Darkness.

Cheska Harlow was the princess of her house. Arthur was her exact opposite. Shrouded in darkness , he was the one human who didn't have a tell. It was like the man was devoid of emotions. From his Huge Tattoos, grey eyes covered with black rimmed glasses and Black hair , he was the Devil Incarnate. And she couldn't be more fascinated. That was their first meeting. From the years that followed they me once or twice , that is until one night , Arthur's whole world imploded.

even as I walked to my window and watched his driver usher him away, I felt as thought my heart was in that car with him. He may not have wanted it. May have hated the very thought of it. But it was his regardless. Even if I never saw him again, it was his."

In his moment of Darkness , he went for her. She was the one in whose arms he found solace. The only one in front of whom he could confess his emotions and his turmoil. Now it was Authur's turn to reign on his father's throne. And for that , he had to kill the version of him which felt even the tiniest bit of emotions. When he left her that night , it was the last time he saw her and he wasn't the same Arthur. The previous Arthur was dead and it was time for the new Devil to Take his throne.

Years passed and Cheska still remembered the boy whom she fell in love with. The one who discarded her without another thought. That is until her whole imploded. There was only man who could protect her and probably bring her back to life. The Lord of London Town. The devil himself. Arthur Adley. If she thought that he was cold before. Then that was nothing compared to what he had become now. But she still loved him . Even with her broken battered heart , she still loved the devil.

This broken king loved his broken queen."

I loved the way these two characters , broken beyond repair , found solace in each other at their darkest times! The way the storyline is molded had me in awe of the author. The side characters were absolutely amazing and in typical Tillie fashion this author has left me literally begging her to give us the stories of the other characters too! Those small crumbs of hints that she dropped about their maybe- upcoming story was not at all enough to satisfy me!!!!!

But let me warn you , this book was by far one of the darkest book that I have ever read! There were so many brutal scenes and I am still reeling from a few scenes. That is what made this book so special. This one is a literal must read for all the hardcore dark Romance lovers! If you would like to get your mind fucked in the best way possible and there is no other author , more fit than Tillie Cole! I love this author for giving us such an amazing heart-wrenching story of two broken characters that I love from the bottom of my heart's! But yeah, maybe it is still not too late to beg her for the stories of other characters… maybe she will have mercy on our souls😭❤️.

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