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REVIEW - Riot Rules

Title - Riot Rules
Author - Callie Hart
Name of Series - Crooked Sinners #2
Series Type - Standalone
Genre - High School Bully Romance
Release Date - 1st jan 2021
Overall Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Heat Rating - 🔥🔥🔥🔥

CARRIE You think you know me, but you’re wrong. You look at me and see Carrie, the girl with the wild hair and the wild clothes. Reliable Carrie. Friendly. Quirky. Perhaps a little strange. What do you really know about me, though? The details of my past are up for debate. I’ve been careful to hide my sins, and even more careful to follow the rules. I do as I’m told. I keep to myself. I don’t mess around with boys, and I’m always ready to run. At least that’s what I tell myself, anyway. Since I met him, I’ve broken every single rule in the book. He’s impossible. Arrogant. Terrifying. If I’m not careful, Wolf Hall’s golden boy will do more than make me break the rules. He’ll wind up breaking me. DASH First, they hate me, then they hate themselves for wanting me. That’s how it always goes. I’m the smart one. The charming one. The guy with the accent that makes girls go weak at the knees. As a resident of Riot House, I’m destined to rule Wolf Hall. Doesn’t matter where you come from. How much money you have. What your future holds. Cross the path of a Riot House Boy and you’re guaranteed to pay the price. The girl isn’t special. She’s just another cog, turning in the wheel. So why, then, am I protecting her? And why am I keeping her a secret? Call me a monster. Call me a fiend. Call me reprehensible. Call me Lord Dashiell Lovett IV.

*Riot Rules is book two in the Crooked Sinners Series. It is a complete 135,000 word story that can be read as a standalone, or in conjunction with the other books in the series.

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My Review 💋

I’m not datable. I’m fuckable. I’m hate-able. I’m plenty of things… but you do not want to date me, Carrie. I can promise you that.”

OHHHMYYYGOD , I am totally obsessed over Lord Dasheill , aka DASH!! I had been waiting for this book like crazy for the last few months and dived straight into this one as soon as I got my hands on it !

“Riot Rules'' is the second book of the “Crooked Sinners'' series by the best selling author Callie Hart. Told in dual perspectives , get ready to meet the most Cold/Swoon Worthy Hero , Dash and the girl who brought him to his knees , Carina!

I’m thinking about Carrie. Fuming about Carrie. Obsessing over Carrie. Burning because of Carrie. ”

Even though this book is a standalone , It is my personal suggestion that you read the first book before diving into this one , for the best experience! The way the author has written both the books , just drove me crazy with want and these books became a definite top read of mine in just a few chapters!

Dash and Carina have a story that spans over almost a year , full of lies, betrayal and so much love. I read the first book first , and let me just warn you that none of you are prepared for the amount of twists and turns in this book. There was so much happening behind the scenes and those secrets have come to light in this second book and I highlighted those scenes like a damn siren and couldn’t stop myself from reading them again and again. There were so many secrets and Lies between Dash and Carina and you all just need to read this book to unravel those!

For three years, I walked the hallways and classrooms of this academy without ever noticing her once. Now, Carina Mendoza is all I can see.”

Dash was the Cold Hearted Future Duke who had no time for love and Carina was the one girl who always saw him beneath his cold exterior and she wanted that Dash. Dash had never noticed her before but once he did notice her , he couldn't stay away from her. They both were drawn towards each other and it didn’t take them that long to fall in love. But their path was never that easy. Carina had a disastrous past , a past about which Dash knew nothing. That past was back to destroy them and now it was up to them if they wanted to take the fall or not!

The story was full of twists and lies and I enjoyed every word. The book is based on a much larger timeline than “Riot House'' and starts from about months before the events of “riot House''. There were parts in the beginning which got a bit boring for me because I already knew what was going to happen because we had read those scenes in “riot House '' and the book took a turn for me in the middle and after that I was hooked! A definite top read of mine and a recommendation to all the High School Bully Romance lovers!!


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