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This & That - Part 4

Welcome to my THIS & THAT session ! Here we will discuss all those books which are somewhat similar. Note that the storylines are not similar , it's just the base of the storyline and the emotions these books evoke in us Readers are similar!

I am a very Active reader and it helps me a lot when I find books that are a bit similar to the ones I have already read! So why not help you people to get some new books too?? Hope this helps you guys get a few of your favorites!

* These are my Personal Recommendations! There is no guarantee that you'll find some of these valid , but I have tried my best to find those somewhat-similar books for you guys! The reasons why I would group a pair of books would be one of the following :

  • The character traits were similar

  • The back story of the book was similar

  • The main hero gave me similar vibes

  • Bits of the storyline would be same

  • Most of the Genres of the books are same


1. Whispers and Roars & Distorted

2. Make you Beg & Desecrated Duet

3. Rival & Step-Lover

4. Untouchable & Start A Fire

5. Paper Princess & Hate Me

6. All Hail & 7th Circle

7. The Golden Boys & Touch of a Villain

8. Twist Me Trilogy & Beauty In Lies Series

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1 Comment

Mar 20, 2023

Absolutely loved the untouchable! So I’ll def enjoy Start a Fire ig😃 Thanks for the rec🤗

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