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Review - God of Pain

Title - God Of Pain
Author - Rina Kent
Name of Series - Legacy Of Gods #2
Series Type - Standalone
Genre - Dark High School Romance
Release Date - 15th Sept 2022
Overall Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Heat Rating - 🔥🔥🔥🔥

I made a terrible mistake.

Being a mafia princess, I knew my fate was already decided.

But I went ahead and longed for the wrong one.

Creighton King is bad news with a gorgeous exterior.

He’s silent, brooding, and obviously emotionally unavailable.

So I thought it was over.

Until he awakens a beast inside me.

My name is Annika Volkov, and I’m Creighton's worst enemy.

He won’t stop until he breaks me.

Or I break him.

God of Pain is a complete STANDALONE and can be read on its own.

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My Review 💋

Star Rating : 5/5 Stars

POV : Dual

Cliffhanger : None

Hero : Crieghton

Heroine : Annika

Pace of the story : Moderate

Angst Rating : 7/10

Heat Rating : 8/10

Triggers Involved : Past Trauma , BDSM , Pain

I love the sight of your tears.”

Plot Summary :

Being the daughter of a Mafia king has never been easy for Annika. She loves her father a lot because he is her hero but the constant protection and the boundaries make her crazy. Not to mention her bigger brother is there with her all the time to guard her. She knows they do it because they love her but it still drives her crazy. Until she gets her once chance at freedom. A new school means new people and Annika is so excited. Her brother is still here but at least here she has a new place to live and can go to places as well. There is only one issue. Creighton. The quiet boy who intrigues her with his pretty eyes that seem to follow her always. But he never talks to her. Neve pays any attention to her advances. It's like she is invisible to him and his grumpy nature always drives her away. Creighton is the one boy she wants but with his attitude it seems like he will never be hers.

Solitude has always been crieghton's companion. He was never too social and being friends with people was not his thing. He was an observer. Being adopted already made his past complicated and he did not need his future to be complicated as well with unwanted interaction. Until one day a certain pretty flower caught his attention. Annika Volkov was the type of girl you could simply not ignore. With her pretty face and bubbly personality, she seemed to make everyone fall for her. Criegton seemed harmless to her but that was because she did not know him. He was a predator. And now Annika was in his sights. She wants his attention? Well now she has it. Too bad it will be the worst wish she could have ever made.

Overall Opinion :


A sunshine heroine and grumpy hero romance by Rina?? With BDSM and Pain triggers?! SIGN ME UPPPPPP. I read this one a beta read for Rina and I loved it so much! Annika is my baby 🥹 she is so much like Lia , It was tough for me to read this book without missing Lia so much!! And not to mention Daddy Adrian 😭🔥🔥 Like this book has the KING OF ALL CAMEO SCENES!!! I have 2 favorite heroes by Rina. Both of them being dark and mysterious , and they both butt heads in this book 😭😭😭🥹🥹 Like dude , i honestly Highlighted a whole freaking chapter. It's that good . 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 who are those heroes that make an appearance? I'll leave that for you to guess 🤣

Like all the books by Rina , especially for this series , this book also has a ton of cameos and we also get more hints about the upcoming couples. I think I know who the next couple is? I am not sure lol. Rina has opened quite a few paths for me and although I love them both , I want answers so bad!! We get to see so much more of our beloved Royal Elite parents and Also the Mafia parents! The steamy scenes are crazy and don't even get me started on the heat in this book 🔥🔥 like omg. Creighton seemed like a quiet one to me but you all know what they say about the quiet ones 😏

And the bonding between all the boys is so good. Their scenes and all the scenes with Remi are the best for me. He adds so much humour to the book XD .

Remington: And rude, btw, you left me on Read last night. I exist the chat, leaving him on Read again.”

Not to mention how possesive crieghton was lmaooo . Those were the best scenes. I mean I knew trhat Rina's Heroes were the best but the way his scenes are written , it just made me laugh and swoon at the same time hahahaha

Listen here, you little twat.” I hold him up so I’m staring at him. “No more climbing onto her shoulder or head or I’ll throw you in the streets.” He merely glares at me with those hooded eyes like snobbish cats do and attempt to scratch me. Christ.”

The ending was absolutely amazing and the twists took me by surprise. I think a part of me knew this book would take a certain turn but the way it is written??! Like the exact moment Rina chose to disclose that plot twist? That makes it so much more amazing. I never saw is coming like that and it made me want to chuck my Kindle at the nearest wall in excitement 🤣🤣 Like Rina also mentioned , this one has a few triggers and please keep them in mind before picking it up!! This book is names GOD OF PAIN for a reason 🥹🔥😏

Definitely recommending this one to all the dark romance loving people out there!

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