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Review - Not My Hero

Title - Not my Hero
Author - Michelle Heard
Name of Series - Standalone
Series Type - Standalone
Genre - Contemporary Romance
Release Date - 9th Nov 2020
Overall Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Heat Rating - 🔥🔥🔥🔥

He walked into school on his first day and didn’t care what the other students thought of him. Dark. Broody. Dangerous. He didn’t care where I cared too much. Then the rumors started. He failed his senior year at his previous school. His brother committed suicide. It’s his fault. And for one blessed week, I wasn’t the topic of discussion. You see, I’m the daughter of a socialite who has no soul. I’m the one paying for her sins. They never let me forget where I come from, and she never stops telling me what a failure I am. But then Colton Lawson looks at me, and unlike the other students, his dark gaze seems to see through the lies spun around me. He starts appearing out of nowhere, fighting my battles for me only to stalk away, making me feel like I’m nothing but a nuisance. My name is Brie Weinstock, and this is my story of how a boy walked into my hell and fought for me, even though I never expected him to. The question is, am I strong enough to repay the favor? This is a high school romance that deals with sensitive subjects. Adult readers only. Purchase Links 💋

My Review 💋

“Not My Hero” is another standalone book of the “Black Mountain Academy” series by Multiple Authors. This book is by Michelle Heard and is told in dual perspectives. Get ready to have your heart broken by Brie and Colton!!

My God! This author never manages to stun me with her books! She has somehow managed to simultaneously make me swoon , laugh and cry all in the same book. Brie’s story absolutely broke my heart and The way Colton took care of her just made me love him so much!

If you have read other books by this author , then you will know the backstory of these characters. Colton is the Brother of Brandy who was a character in her latest release COLD HEARTED HEIR and Brie is the daughter of the woman who was the villain in another one of her standalones. Brie is truly the most broken character I have ever encountered. Having a devil of a mother didn't help her case. Colt was the new guy at school. Seeing the broken girl who covered with every person who came near her , reminded him of his brother who had committed suicide only a year ago.

Brie had never had love throughout her whole life. So she had just stopped fighting. That is until the new boy arrived at school. Colton was broken Himself. Brie had intrigued him right from the moment he had first seen her. Soon pain and despair made these two grow closer. They both needed each other to survive. Brie was the angel Colton and his mother needed to survive their demons and Colton and his loving him was the exact thing brie needed to escape from the devil at home. But that did not make things easy for them. But at least they both had each other to fight those said demons!

Brie absolutely broke my heart! The things that girl went through , my god, half of the time , I was crying with her. And then there was Colton. The way that boy protected her and fought all her battles had tears springing to my eyes! I absolutely Loved this book and it was definitely one of the best books of this whole series! A definite recommendation to all the Contemporary romance lovers out there, If you are ready to bawl your eyes out all the while falling in love with this book, then don’t hesitate to one click this one!

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