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Excerpt Reveal - Sincerely , The Puck Bunny


SINCERELY, THE PUCK BUNNY by Maren Moore is coming January 6!

The room is dark, with only her projector casting tiny ballerinas onto the ceiling, barely illuminating the two of them. He’s gazing down at her with so much love, so much adoration in his eyes that it steals the breath from my lungs.

I don’t want him to know I’m here, witnessing this moment. It’s so pure, so perfect, that I don’t want to ruin it. I cover my mouth to bite back the sob that threatens to spill over my lips.

He gently swipes his thumb across her cheek as he rocks her, gazing down into her eyes.

“You know how much daddy loves you, Olive Juice? More than you’ll ever know. I’d do anything in the world to see you smile. Anything to make you happy. Did you know that? That no matter what, daddy will always be here. I’ll never leave you, no matter how old you get. Even when you think daddy isn’t cool and you don’t want me to give you goodnight kisses, or piggy back rides. I’ll love you even more then.”

Oh god, my heart. I feel the hot sting of tears as they well in my eyes. Watching him rock our daughter, stroking her face so tenderly, it’s making my knees week.

“And you know what Olive? One day, I’m gonna marry your mama.”

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