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Review - Wicked

Title - Wicked
Author - Amo Jones
Name of Series - Standalone
Series Type - Standalone
Genre - Dark MC Romance
Release Date - 7th Nov 2022
Overall Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Heat Rating - 🔥🔥🔥🔥

I remember the day he walked through our front door, bloodied and broken with the kind of torment that breeds, but never dies. Papa had one rule for him. Stay away from his daughter.

He didn’t.

Years later, he crashes back into my life and tears down all of the walls I built up around myself. We’re both hiding secrets, but when the mafia world collides with the MC world, the shrapnel could destroy everyone around us.

Now the president of the Chicago chapter, not even I was prepared for his return. He's going to see that I’m no longer the precious princess of the Cosa Nostra, and I won’t play his games anymore.

He’ll play mine.

This is a story about two souls destined to be together, but who are trapped in bodies that hate each other. It’s what happens when you both let love kill you.

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My Review 💋

Star Rating : 4.5 / 5 Stars

POV : Dual

Cliffhanger : None

Hero : Wicked

Heroine : Ruby

Pace of the story : Moderate

Angst Rating : 5/10

Heat Rating : 6/10

Triggers Involved : Past Trauma , *to be updated after release

Plot Summary :

Wicked never had it easy in his life. All he knew was pain by the people who were supposed to love him . Then one day when things go too far , he meets a man who agrees to take him under his wing. To train him and give him and his sister a place to live. The only condition? Stay away from that man's daughter. Easier said than done. Ruby might be the most mesmerizing girl he has ever met. But being with her could ruin his already broken life. When things speak between them and that starts a chain of events which eventually leads to him losing his sister and His own soul. Now after years he is back as a member of the MC and more ruthless than ever. This time, he won't be fooled by Ruby's act anymore because this time she does not have an adolescent boy to deal with and nothing could prepare her for the torment he is going to unleash on her and the little life she has built for herself.

Her papa always liked to bring strays but none of them intrigued Ruby like Wicked did. He was everything she imagined and wanted. When things spark between them at the worst moment , it leads to a lot of disastrous moments. After ruining her life and successfully making her hate him , Wicked is now back years later to try and mess with her again. But this time? This time she was no little princess he had to coddle , this time she was the MF queen.

Overall Opinion :

Wicked is here!! I have been waiting for this man's story ever since we got the hint that he would get one from Sicko. Not only do we get cameos from our favorite Mc characters my Amo but also a few other names are thrown here. And this book also FINALLY resolved Wtf happened at the end of Antichrist because that kept me up at night lmao. It was kind of confusing because even though it was all clear here , it took me some time to process what actually happened. But still! Thanks to the author for clearing that up!

Definitely recommending this one to all the dark romance loving people out there. If second chances , anti heroes , queen bitchy heroines , mafia , MC and angst are your tropes then go for this one! It's a standalone HEA with triggers.

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