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Review - Brutalize Me

Title - Brutalize Me
Author - Michelle Heard
Name of Series - Corrupted Royals #3
Series Type - Standalone
Genre - Dark Mafia Romance
Release Date - 20th March 2020
Overall Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Heat Rating - 🔥🔥🔥🔥

From USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author Michelle Heard, is a new STANDALONE, full-length MAFIA ROMANCE novel.

Home. It’s the one thing I want more than anything. A husband I can love. Children I can give the world to. A house I can call my own. To many, it’s a stupid wish, but to me, it’s everything.

When my adoptive father demands that I marry one of his business partners, Karlin Makarova, my dream becomes nothing more than that – a dream. Karlin is a vile monster, a nightmare for any woman he crosses paths with.

I dread the time I have to spend alone with Karlin and hide the bruises that fill me with deep shame.

But then my beloved brother steps in and arranges a marriage with one of his best friends.

Armani DeSantis is known to be coolheaded, aloof, and calculative. Sure, he’s heartbreakingly attractive – emphasis on heartbreakingly – but it’s clear he sees me as his friend’s little sister that’s become his problem.

Then again, I’d rather have my heart broken by Armani DeSantis than be Karlin Makarova’s punching bag.

And so, my dream of a happily ever after turns into a cold-blooded war between the two men, and I find myself praying that somehow I’ll survive.

But life has taught me prayers are never answered.

STANDALONE: A Mafia/Bratva Romance, standalone, full-length novel.


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My Review 💋

Star Rating : 4 / 5 Stars

POV : Dual

Cliffhanger : None

Hero : Armani

Heroine : Tiana

Pace of the story : Moderate

Angst Rating : 5/10

Heat Rating : 5/10

Triggers Involved : Betrayal , Grovel , Domestic Violence ( Not by the hero)

Plot Summary :

All Tiana has ever wanted is a home for herself. A family she can look for and children who would love her. But her bad past prevents her from having all of that and when her father arranges her marriage to a monster, she has no choice but to go ahead. She hides her bruises and hurts and moves on . Until her brother helps her out in the best way. He arranges her marriage with one of his best friends, Armani. Armani is a man not to be crossed. He is ruthless but also caring and Tiana could not have wanted him more.

Armani knows that it's an honor that his best friend is trusting him with his sister. All of his honor goes out of the window when he sees his bride to be. Tiana might just be the most perfect woman he has ever seen and the most beautiful too. She was an angel and Armani could not wait to have her as his and cherish her forever.

If only things were that easy for these two. They have enemies who would do anything to break them , even create misunderstandings . Will Armani trust his wife or will he hurt her beyond repair?

Overall Opinion :

Armani is here!! I have been waiting for this man's book ever since we met him in the other books of this series. The way the author described him was amazing and I was hooked immediately.

Tiana and Armani have a cute take that is also filled with some dark events but on an overall basis it is more of a contemporary romance for me. This one was an enjoyable standalone and it made me so much more excited for the upcoming books of this series too!

Definitely recommending this one to all the contemporary mafia Romance loving people out there!

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