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Review - Cruel Kisses

Title - Cruel Kisses
Author - Thandiwe Mpofu
Name of Series - It's just high school #2
Series Type - Standalone
Genre - Dark High school Romance
Release Date - 20th Oct 2020
Overall Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Heat Rating - 🔥🔥🔥🔥

She’s gone… good riddance to tormenting, cold nightmares that come in the form of sweet but devious kisses. Thing is, without her here, there’s a fiery riot in my heart I can't control.⠀ She left a bloody feud brewing in my house.⠀ That Little Minx caused chaos and hell to break loose between my brother and me as only she can.⠀ She kissed me and imprinted her broken soul to my darkness.⠀ Now, I want her back with a kind of obsessive desperation that will drive us both to hell.⠀ Hate or not, she’s still going to kiss me with everything she is, because she knows who she belongs to.⠀ I’m going to own every inch of her pathetic, cold, dark, shallow, and meaningless soul that mirrors mine.⠀ Is that cruel of me? I don't give a damn.⠀ She’s the architect of this ruinous chapter we just entered, because what’s coming is more than devious.⠀ We’re going to lose more than the cruel kisses we bargained for…⠀

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My Review 💋


This is real footage of me barreling towards the end to find the conclusion of Julian and Mia’s story , only for it to end on a cliffy… again!!!!!!

My god! This author has some crazy drama in her books and she makes sure that we love every second of it!! Mia and the Fitzgerald brothers are back , and this book was certainly more happening than the first one! There was lots of drama and tons of twists in this book!

After the way the first book ended and that brutal cliffy , I wanted my hands on this one so bad! And what a ride it was! I love these characters so much and was heartbroken to see them getting hurt in this book. Specially Mia, she acts so strong , but there was no hiding the broken girl beneath her in this book and My heart hurt so much for her!

Mia is on a run from everyone she knows and loves, She is not sure who to trust and who to deceive , so she is into hiding. Julian is absolutely losing his mind in his search for her. He knows that he said things he wasn’t supposed to , and now he can’t help but feel that she is running because of him and there is nothing he can do about that! I won’t disclose much of the story of this book , but let me just warn you that this book is definitely gonna be one of the wildest rides of your lives! Julian is what wet dreams are made of and that man had me shivering from the moment he made an appearance in any scene. Liam was my absolute favourite too and I just can’t wait for his story to come out.

The author gave us small hints about the stories of the other character and damn her for teasing us like that! It just drove me crazy with want! Julian and Mia have an amazing tale that is full of heartbreak and so many twists that it literally makes your head spin! Reading Thandiwe’s book is like a high for me , it feels so good while I am reading them but the moment I am finished , I come crashing to the ground with so much emotion barrelling inside me that I don't know what to feel and act! To say in short they are simply marvelous! A definite recommendation to all the contemporary romance lovers out there! If you love high school drama with lots of angst and bullying then jump straight into this series , because this is something you won’t ever regret!

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