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Review - Devious Obsession

Title - Devious Obsession
Author - S Massery
Name of Series - Standalone
Series Type - Standalone
Genre - Dark Bully Romance
Release Date - 23rd March 2020
Overall Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Heat Rating - 🔥🔥🔥🔥

"If you want to stay, you have to play the game…"

Steele O’Brien is everything I hate in hockey players.

He’s cocky, brooding, antagonistic.

I played his game, learned his secrets.

But that was before I found out he’s my new stepbrother.

Now we’re at college together, and I can’t escape him.

Or his demons.

It seems that, for him, the game isn’t over.

He says I'm his to play with. His to torment.

And he's determined to not only get under my skin, but carve his name into it.

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Model paperback:

My Review 💋

Star Rating : 4 / 5 Stars

POV : Dual

Cliffhanger : None

Hero : Steele

Heroine : Aspen

Pace of the story : Moderate

Angst Rating : 5/10

Heat Rating : 6/10

Triggers Involved : Dark Bully , Past Trauma , Unapologetic hero

Plot Summary :

Steele and Aspen had one forbidden night in which they removed their masks and showed each other their darkest desires. They thought they would never meet again so there was no harm. That is until fate played with them. Now with Aspen being his stepsister and the sole reason for his ruin, Steele wouldn't hesitate to cross any lengths to make her pay.

She was his to ruin and by the time she was done , she would be broken beyond repair.

Overall Opinion :

I absolutely loved this one! It is a dark romance standalone with an unapologetic hero. Steele crossed a lot of lines to make Aspen pay and therefore this book has a lot of triggers. It's a standalone HEA but the path is definitely not easy.

Steele and Aspen have a story that will hook you right from the start and not let you go till the very end. I was hooked as well although there was always something disconnected between the characters. I wanted them to have more depth maybe? More angst?! But yeah , sometimes I just could not feel that romance between them. On an Overall basis , as I am a hardcore fan of high school bully romances , this one was a good read.

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